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See the latest thoughts from the fund management team here.  We discuss the main economic themes, investment trends and political developments and explore the implications of these for the Future Money portfolios and wider markets.

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Latest Investment Commentary

Property Investment – A Square Peg in a Round Hole

5th December 2019

With the recent suspension of trading on the M&G Property Portfolio we discuss the liquidity mismatch in property investment and explain our thoughts on the sector.

Yield Curve Inversion

14th August 2019

We discuss the signals sent by falling long term yields in our latest monthly portfolio review.

Woodford Equity Income Suspends Trading

4th June 2019

Woodford Equity Income has suspended trading. We discuss the contributing factors and the warning signs that could be seen.

Snap General Election – Working Through the Market Outcomes

10th April 2019

Conservative majority, Labour majority or a minority government. An early general election could deliver all three. We consider the likely market ractions to each.

…and in other news

3rd April 2019

Investment markets are well aware of Brexit developments, but the UK’s planned departure from the EU is not the only game in town.