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Latest Investment Commentary

The Market Response to a UK Recession, and What to Expect from the Budget

29th February 2024

The UK economy is now officially in a recession, having experienced two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth and the Conservative Party are well behind Labour in the Polls, in next week's budget what might Jeremy Hunt do?

The Timing of Interest Rate Cuts and the Ups and Downs along the Way

23rd January 2024

In many ways, the role of central banks has been simple over the last two years: inflation has been above target and so interest rate hikes were needed. Now it is a more conflicted role: inflation is well on the way towards the 2% target, yet crucially there are hard yards still to go.

The Battle with Inflation Continues, but What of Market Prospects?

7th December 2023

Over the past two years central bankers have faced criticism for misreading the economic climate, particularly their lack of action in 2021 when they mistakenly dismissed rising inflation as a transitory factor which would fade of its own accord, meaning that interest rates were kept too low.

Market Update

6th November 2023

In this latest investment market update the focus is primarily on the economic and investment market implications of recent inflation releases and interest rate decisions.

Market Update

28th September 2023

The latest UK inflation figures were released in mid-September. While the pace of price rises has fallen in a convincing trend since the peak in October 2022, fears had been mounting that the latest figures would show a renewed jump. Such concerns have so far been unfounded, with the headline number actually falling from July’s reading. While only a marginal drop, with the slowing pace of food price rises more than offsetting the jump in motor fuel prices, a continued downward path in inflation could be seen.