Guides and Publications

An Introduction to Fund of Funds Investing with Future Money

Our simple guide explains the basics of Fund of Funds and introduces Future Money.


A Guide to Historic Returns

Historic performance characteristics to assist in identifying an appropriate portfolio.


Quarterly Report on Funds and Markets

Commentary, outlook and statistics from the Future Money fund managers.


Future Money Brochure

Meet our funds, process and team.


Fund Literature and Prices

Fund Name Price Date Price (GBX) Literature
Future Money Real Value Acc (GB00B3D1MN74) 24/01/2022 172.48
Future Money Real Growth Acc (GB00B3D1MP98) 24/01/2022 203.30
Future Money Dynamic Growth Acc (GB00B3D1MQ06) 24/01/2022 233.14
Future Money Income Inc (GB00B3D1MR13) 24/01/2022 135.17
Future Money Income Acc (GB00B3D1MS20) 24/01/2022 211.38
Future Money Income R Inc (GB00B5MFQ093) 24/01/2022 144.91
Future Money Real Growth R Acc (GB00B7WPBV97) 24/01/2022 217.37
Future Money Real Value R Acc (GB00B89JN484) 24/01/2022 183.85
Future Money Dynamic Growth R Acc (GB00B8FFPK05) 24/01/2022 249.54
Future Money Income R Acc (GB00B8KBJC34) 24/01/2022 224.11
Future Money Dynamic Growth R Inc (GB00BBL4SX65) 24/01/2022 230.32
Future Money Real Growth R Inc (GB00BBL4SY72) 24/01/2022 190.80
Future Money Real Value R Inc (GB00BBL4SZ89) 24/01/2022 162.62
Future Money Real Value S Acc (GB00BN928142) 24/01/2022 183.99
Future Money Real Growth S Acc (GB00BN92FJ18) 24/01/2022 217.64
Future Money Income S Inc (GB00BN92H284) 24/01/2022 145.13
Future Money Income S Acc (GB00BN92H391) 24/01/2022 224.31
Future Money Dynamic Growth S Acc (GB00BN92HK62) 24/01/2022 249.92